Suzanne Vega


OM25-LC, OM25-SR

Suzanne Vega is a well-known american singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her music career spans more than 30 years. Among her highest-charted songs belong Luka, Tom's Diner, Left of Centre, Marlene on the Wall.

Per Gessle (Roxette)


D34-SR Black Line, D22-SR 12 Black Line

Per Håkan Gessle is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonicist. He is the lead singer of the Swedish pop group Gillene Tider and Roxette, which he formed with singer Marie Fredriksson.

Glen Hansard


Glen Hansard is an Irish singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist for Irish group The Frames. He also formed a duo with a Czech singer and pianist Marketa Irglova The Swell Season and recorded 2 albums. In year 2006 they starred in an Irish indie film Once. The song Falling Slowly from the film won the Oscar for the best original song.

"I have been playing this guitar and it is a true beauty, no doubt!"

Glen Hansard

David Koller

Czech Republic

OM24-SR 12, G25-SR, OM35-SG

David Koller is a Czech singer, songwriter, drummer and music producer. One of the most significant Czech rock and pop musicians, the author of many classic hits today, and the best known as the leader of the band Lucie, where he played from 1987 to 2005. In 2014, the group reunited. He was also performing in other formations like "Kollerband, Pusa, Zentour, Prazsky Vyber, Chinaski, Jasna Paka, Blue Effect", and joined many music projects. Since 2006 he has performed with his own band "David Koller".

Diana Jones


Diana Jones is an American singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Jones's career gained wider critical acclaim in 2006 with the release of her album, My Remembrance of You. Jones has also won a number of songwriting competitions.

Jamie Meyer


D22-SR 9 Black Line

Jamie Meyer is a Swedish singer, guitar player, songwriter, "Best Singer/Songwriter" winner at the L.A. Music Awards in Hollywood, "Best Country Song" and "Best New Artist" nominee in Sweden. His career was started in 2002 when he finished in third place in the last season of “Popstars”. Today he travels between The United States and Europe to write, record and perform with his 9-string guitar.

Juha Savela


D19-CM CUT, D40

Juha Savela is a guitar player from Finland performing in two with an opera singer Waltteri Torikka, and also in a band "Waltteri Torikka Trio" whose music is arranged by Juha. We are happy to hear him say:

"The feeling of my fingertips on the strings of a Furch guitar is freedom. The D19-CM reacts every nuance of my playing as well as my personalities. I couldn't be happier."

Albert Černý (Charlie Straight, Lake Malawi)

Czech Republic


Albert Cerny is a Czech singer, songwriter and guitarist. In years 2006-2013 he was the lead singer of the Charlie Straight band which during its short existence received 4  musical awards Andel  and released 2 albums. After its breakup, Černy founded Lake Malawi. For both bands, he is also the author of all songs sung exclusively in English with a distinct influence of British pop. In 2017, Lake Malawi released their debut album "Surrounded By Light". Apart from concerts in the country, the band has also performed several performances abroad.



D40, MF22-CM mandolin

Halm is a young "country/americana-band" from Sweden playing country and bluegrass music. After releasing their third album "Raised By The Fire", they became our artist. And we´re happy for what they said:

"It's amazing to have such well made and reliable instruments that always deliver! We are very happy to announce the partnership with premium guitar manufacturer Furch. We have played Furch guitars for some years now and could not be more excited to be a part of the Furch family and spread the word about these amazing instruments."

David Knopfler

United Kingdom

David Knopfler is a British singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, record producer, poet, and book writer. He is a co-founder of the rock band Dire Straits, with whom he spent three years. After quitting the band, Knopfler embarked upon a solo career and composes also movie soundtracks.

Andi Almqvist


A17-23-SF, D20-CM

Andi Almqvist is a Swedish singer, musician and composer known for his dark, cinematic sound and haunting lyrics about life, death, alienation and dysfunctional love.

Alex Kabasser


G25-CR CUT, Bar24

Alex Kabasser is an Austrian fingerstyle guitarist. He has done classical training and holds a degree in jazz/pop from the conservatoire in Graz. You can see him playing all of our guitars in our YouTube product videos.


United Kingdom

S23-CR 12

Kipper (born Mark Eldridge) is a Grammy and Emmy winning guitarist, keyboardist and music producer, known mostly from his cooperation with Gary Numan and for producing and performing on Sting's best-selling solo album "Brand New Day" as well as the platinum albums "All This Time" and "Sacred Love".

"Furch Guitars made a most beautiful guitar to my specification and immediately I fell in love with my 12-string Furch, tonally, visually, and for its playability."


Adrian Bellue


Adrian Bellue is an international performing and recording artist that utilizes unique fingerstyle techniques with acoustic and electric guitar to compose beautifully intricate and progressive music.

Thom Artway

Czech Republic

Thom Artway is a Czech pop-folk singer-songwriter and guitar player. He started as a busker in Prague, then he was travelling and busking in Australia for five months.

The first single "I Have No Inspiration" was released in 2015 and was a huge success. It has become a hit leading the Czech charts for more than 18 months.

The following debut album titled "Hedgehog" was released in 2016 and brought two music awards to Thom - "Singer of the Year" and "New Artist of the Year" at the Czech "Akademie popularni hudby" "Andel 2016" Music Awards.


Czech Republic


Voxel is a Czech folk-pop singer-songwriter. We are happy to hear his words:

"Furch is a surety, tradition and especially a wonderful sound that keeps surprising me, and has never betrayed me. That´s why I cannot imagine any other guitar for me."

Light and Love

Czech Republic


This Czech brotherly duo starred with hits such as "Blueberry Sky" or "Calling" which belonged to the most played songs on Czech radio. In September 2016, they released a debut album titled "Surrender To The Stars".

Maia Hirasawa

Sweden / Japan - D32-SM

Erik Söderlind

Sweden - GNc2-CW


Germany - B61-CM5

Alessandro "Asso" Stefana

Italy - GNc4-CR

Sergey Vishnyakov

Russian Federation - G24-SF CUT

Kiz (Oceans)

United Kingdom - D24-SR CUT

Maťo Harich

Slovakia - OM33-SR Blackline, LJ10-CM


Czech Republic - D34-SR, D24-SF CUT

Matěj Homola (Wohnout)

Czech Republic - LJ10-CM

Jaroslav Albert Kronek (Alband)

Czech Republic - G Yellow CR CUT

Jamie Winchester

Ireland - OM34-SR, D22-SR

The Fellas

Czech Republic - S25-CR

Oskar Petr

Czech Republic - Sil DX 61-CM, S23-SF CUT

Michal Pelant

Czech Republic - D33-SR

Damian Lynn

Switzerland - G23-CR CUT

Tomi Tajakka, Matias Haavisto (Steve ´N´ Seagulls)

Finland - D34-SR, OOM34-SR

Xavier Baumaxa

Czech Republic - D23-SF CUT, LJ10-CM, GNc4-SR

Aneta Langerová

Czech Republic - D23-CR

Magda Piskorczyk

Poland - B61-CM, DX 61-CM

Xindl X

Czech Republic - OM34-SR, MF22-SF

Donovan Raitt


Ian Yvese

Czech Republic - D25-SK CUT, D25-SK 12 CUT

Roman Helcl (November 2nd)

Czech Republic - OM33-SR, OOM35-SR, MF22-SF

František Černý (Čechomor)

Czech Republic - OM23-CR

Róbert Hrutka

Hungary - G42-CR CUT


Czech Republic - OOM34-SR

Michal Němec (Jablkoň)

Czech Republic - C21-CM, A17-40-CM

Vlasta Redl

Czech Republic - many instruments

Michael Vašíček

Czech Republic - MF21-CM, F22-SR, SilFolk 63-SR


Czech Republic - RS34-SR, Bar22-SR

Paul Batto

Slovenia - G23-SF CUT, FN23-CR

Věra Martinová

Czech Republic - OM25-CR CUT, LJ10-CM

Miroslav "Míša" Leicht

Czech Republic - D32-SM

Arkadiusz Wasik

Poland - S24-SR CUT

Petra "Šany" Šanclová

Czech Republic - G25-CR CUT

Jonathan Lawson (The Railers)