The Woods We Use

The woods used by Furch Guitars are sourced from all around the World, and the finest cuts carefully selected. We only use ethically harvested exotic wood and ensure that certification is included in every shipment. After the wood arrives at our factory, the soft drying process starts, guaranteeing the long term stability of the material. The wood is then graded according to various criteria including colour balance, grain pattern/consistency and rigidity.

African Mahogany
Honduras Mahogany
Sitka Spruce
Adirondack Spruce
Alpine Spruce
Western Red Cedar
Indian Rosewood
Madagascar Rosewood
Hawaiian Koa
Black Walnut
African Ebony

Furch & Environment

Rain forests are very fragile systems and Furch Guitars endeavour to treat this natural resource with utmost responsibility. Wood used in the manufacture of our guitars comes strictly from suppliers who can certify that their stock was legally harvested. Beside the requisite CITES and FSC certification policies, we also offer the option of a free upgrade to fast growing wood on some of our models. Woods like Maple and Walnut offer extremely good sound quality, and can easily stand side by side with more traditional, exotic woods.