Support & Warranty

All Furch guitars are provided with a 3 year owner-transferrable warranty. The warranty does not apply to mechanical damage or damage caused by climatic conditions or exposure to high or low temperatures. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by mishandling or insufficient care or any damage caused by unauthorised repair or service procedures.

Mechanical damage

Protection from physical damage is of utmost importance to the long term well-being of your precious instrument. All our guitars come supplied with high quality gig-bag or Hiscox hard case, with both options designed to provide the best protection in their class. Your instrument must still be handled with care, but if an accident should happen, please contact your Furch dealer for advice as to the restoration of your instrument.

Humidity control

Humidity can affect the performance and condition of your instrument. An ideal storage environment for your guitar would be in the 40%-65% relative humidity range. In low humidity environments the top of the guitar can flatten causing the string action to lower, or in extreme cases, the top may crack. On the other hand, high humidity may cause the top to flex resulting in increased string action. It is good practice to control the environment in which your instrument is stored, with a humidifier or dehumidifier placed inside or nearby your guitar case or bag (depending on humidity conditions in your area). After the first year of your guitar’s life the humidity level will have a lesser effect as the instrument’s materials become more settled. Our guitars are designed to provide the best stability in varying conditions without compromising the sound quality. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Furch dealer should you need the action or truss rod to be setup, and to maintain the overall playability of your instrument.


For your convenience each guitar comes with a service pack with tools and parts to allow you to make standard adjustments to your instrument, or for more serious work if required. Included in the Service Pack are hex-key for truss rod adjustments, replacement frets, emergency bridge pins and a saddle shim for raising the string action should you so desire.


All of our 6 string guitars are designed for and tested with Elixir 012-053 Bronze or Phosphor-Bronze strings. You may use a higher tension setup with strings of up to 013-056 without invalidating the warranty. A guitar with significantly higher or lower string tension than the standard 012-053 may need additional truss rod and/or string action adjustment after a few weeks as the instrument’s neck and top adapt to the new forces.