Our guitars come with a variety of finishes, and while the primary purpose of the finish is to protect the instrument, it can also enhance the resonance of the wood, as well as improve playability.

High-glossy Finish

The UV lacquer that we use as the main element of our finishes has been in continuous development for years, and the precision process of spraying, sanding and thickness-gauging greatly perfected. The resulting layer is thin and consistent, and acts directly on the wood to maximize the resonant qualities, while also providing protection. On top of this the final gloss layer is applied, and with utmost attention paid to flatness and polishing, an 85% reflectance level is reached.

Vintage Finish

The vintage finish takes advantage of the same UV technology as our high gloss finish, but the top layer provides the warmth and appearance of a vintage instrument. The top layer is brushed on by hand and immediately gives the look and feel of a played-in instrument.

Satin Finish

As above, the main element is the UV coating providing protection and resonance enhancements, but the top coat imparts a more minimalistic appearance than the glossy options.

Open-Pore Finish

This is a thin coating that is applied to expose the deep natural pores present in exotic woods, and is used to exploit the natural sound characteristics of the particular wood beneath.

Smooth-Slide Satin Finish

Free hand movement over the neck and fingerboard is vital for musical performance, and this type of satin finish optimises playability above all else allowing you to slide smoothly from chord to chord.